Defender 2.2 tdci Popcorn limiter

Its Popcorn Time! Defender 2.2 Tdci

Popcorn limiters are nothing new, they have been available on Land Rover Defenders for some time. The ‘Popcorn’Limiter tells your vehicle’s ECU to cut fuel to the engine at a set RPM (usually at around 4300rpm), the effect of cutting fuel will cause the engine to bounce off the rev limiter, the result is a diesel-powered vehicle that sounds more like a petrol engine. Previously a ‘Popcorn Limiter’ was only available on a Land Rover Defender TD5, however IRB Developments have developed a hard cut limiter for the Land Rover Defender 2.2 Tdci.

“They said it couldn’t be done, so we had to do it”:

We were told that popcorn limiters were only possible on Defender TD5, so we just wanted to prove that it could be done on a 2.2 tdci. IRB are currently playing with turbo setup and launch control of sorts to accompany the popcorn limiter.

Check out the Defender 2.2 tdci popcorn limiter here.