Land Rover Defender 2.2 TDCi Popcorn Limiter

IRB 2.2 Tdci Popcorn Limiter:

Although a ‘Popcorn Limiter’ may not be too everybody’s taste, IRB has seen a rise in demand for this style limiters on Land Rover Defenders and as so we have risen to the challenge and developed one for Defender 2.2 TDci powered vehicles. Watch the video below to see and hear a Popcorn limiter on Ultra 4 Stock Class build – 2.2 Tdci Defender:

A popcorn limiter changes the way a diesel car behaves when the engine hits the rpm limiter. Most stock diesel vehicles will hit the pre-set rpm limiter and will stay at that exact rpm point until the driver intervenes (soft cut limiter). However, with a popcorn limiter applied the engine will bounce at the limiter in a similar way to a petrol vehicle (hard cut limiter).

The popcorn limiter has no performance advantage, it is simply a feature that can be enabled during the remap in order to change how the engine behaves and sounds when the rpm limiter is reached.

Please note that the Popcorn limiter is not available on Petrol engines.