Land Rover Defender TD5 Remap (Stage 1)

Land Rover Defender TD5 Live Stage 1 remap, can be coupled with other tuning items which can be fitted at the time of the live remap.

Land Rover Defender TD5 Stage 1 Remap
– Approx. 155bhp and 260lbft (352Nm)

Ideal for the driver who just wants a bit more…

Typically a 30% improvement in power and torque, but the main focus is on driveability and reliability.
There is no point having a huge power increases if it happens at the wrong point in the engine rev range.

Our stage one tune sets out to eliminate any Td5 flat spots and awaken your engine.
Improved pull away, improved towing, and reduced overtaking times – making your Td5 more enjoyable and safer.
We often fine that driven in the same manner; you will actually see an improvement in mpg over the standard Td5 tune.

To complement the stage one tune, we also recommend the use of an ITG replacement air filter and a full EGR replacement kit (both at an additional cost). These two minor modifications further enhance the stage 1 tune (and even make a small difference to a standard Td5).