Land Rover Defender TD5 Stage 2 Remap


Land Rover Defender Stage 2 Remap
– Approx. 175bhp and 290lbft (393Nm)

Taking things further – our stage 2 conversion completely transforms the Td5…

Designed to work with our larger and more efficient intercooler; the stage 2 kit offers V8 performance – but without the hindrance of poor fuel consumption.

Again, we do not concentrate on out and out power, and make questionable power claims… instead the stage 2 remap again focuses on driveability – getting rid of those points where you feel your standard Td5 is lacking.

To complement the stage two tune, we also highly recommend the use of an ITG replacement air filter, a full EGR replacement kit and a set of our uprated silicon intercooler hoses.

With this conversion, the Td5 turbo boost pressure is also slightly increased, but well within the safe limits of the engine (depending on customer requirements, the use of an additional boost box may be required – see below ) Typical gains are 50% over a standard Td5, but as mentioned before we concentrate more on power delivery (and driveability) than out and out figures. Please email for details.

If you want more or have other modifications – click here for stage 3 or a custom remap

Additional note:
It is possible to run increased boost pressures on a Td5 using a standard spec Land Rover turbo – however you need to use an additional control box to prevent the ECU seeing boost pressure over and above its preset max pressure level.

However, IRB recommends that if want to run more than 18psi a hybrid turbo should be used, as above this pressure, the standard turbo will become inefficient and actually start increasing the intake air temperature above normal limits – reducing the benefit of running higher boost levels.