Reimagined - Series 2a

A classic Land Rover reimagined for modern driving

IRB developments are big fans of older Series Land Rovers – there is nothing quite the same for their character, charisma and classless/timeless appeal.

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A classic Land Rover reimagined for modern driving!

The story:

IRB developments are big fans of older Series Land Rovers – there is nothing quite the same for their character, charisma and classless/timeless appeal.

However, Series Land Rovers, even when fully restored, still drive like Series Land Rover with all their charms and idiosyncrasies – and we know this isn’t for everyone. 

So, we’ve decided to offer something different, but still keep the DNA alive – making sure there is no doubt about the vehicle you are driving.

Photos and video show the first of our re-imagined Series 2a builds – please note this is still a prototype vehicle and missing some of the finishing touches.

It has all the looks and charm of a Series 2, but with the reliability and usability of a more modern Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Reimagine

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Classic Land Rover

The Process:

Built on a brand new galvanised chassis’ (to original specification), leaf spring suspension (as per original) and original axle casings (or New Old Stock) and a host of new panels.

The reimagined builds feature brand new Land Rover Defender 2.2 Tdci diesel engines, 6 Speed manual gearboxes (auto option available), permanent 4 wheel drive, power steering, disc/servo brakes, fully updated wiring looms, stainless steel exhausts and a host of tuning options.

The vehicles maintain their MOT and Tax Exempt status as well as being ULEZ exempt under current rules.

In the case of the protype build we have re-used original panels to keep the patina of an older, used Series 2a.  However, whilst we could try and recreate this again, most builds will be finished in period colours – or to any customer requested colour.

We will incorporate period features where possible.

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land rover reimagine series irb developments
Reimagine - Series 2a 1

The Options:

A choice of roofs – hard top, truck cab, soft top (or have all of them).  The bolt together nature of the Series 2 Land Rover allows all configurations to be swapped without a huge amount of work.

Hidden Stereo install, air conditioning, heated windscreen, heated seats, engine preheater, cruise control, gun safes – most options found in more modern vehicles can be incorporated into your ‘custom’ build. 

Whilst we are focussing on SWB 88” wheelbase builds, there is no reason why we couldn’t build you a LWB 109” reimagined Station Wagon.

Choice of colours and interior finishing.


Full as new build.

SWB 88″ build – finished in a choice of colours and interior options. Based on a new original specification galvanised chassis, new galvanised bulkhead, all new panels where available. Brand New 2.2 Tdci engine etc

 From £65,000

Full Detailed specification available by request.

Vehicles come with full engineer report, 12 months MOT (voluntary MOT due to donor vehicle age), 1 years free servicing and a 24 month warranty. Terms and conditions apply.

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