TdV6 and TdV8 – Discovery, Range Rover and RR Sport Remap

Land Rover TdV6 Remap
– Approx. 50bhp and 80 Nm Gain over standard (dependant on model)

Land Rover TdV6 Remap Stage 2
– Full power map, a huge 140nm gain!! (not really suitable for road use)

Land Rover TdV8 Remap
– Approx. 60bhp and 150Nm Gain over standard

Make your Discovery, Range Rover or Range Rover Sport even better!!!

Working in conjunction with Pete at Bell Auto Services, IRB Developments have developed and refined a set of unique remaps that further enhance the torque curve and power delivery of the TdV6 and TdV8 engines, improving the this already good engine makes it more enjoyable and safer to drive.

As with all out remaps we focus on torque and driveabilty rather than out and out power, you will see improvement in pulling away, improved towing, and reduced overtaking times.

Depending on your driving style, you may also see an improvement in mpg.

We can also increase the speed limiter from the pre-set 124mph (199kph) if required.

The performance remap we have produced for TdV6 and TdV8 is undetectable to the main dealer