Defender Big Brake Kit V1_IRB (Front Only) – 298mm For 16” Wheels Upwards

£1,680.00 Excl. VAT

V1_IRB (Front Only) Kit Specification:

Minimum wheel size – 16" (will also fit within some 15" wheels). We have tested this kit with
virtually all LR 16” wheels (alloy and steel). It will not fit with the standard 5.5” x 16” steel
wheels But is fine with Wolf wheels without spacers.

298mm vented and grooved disc. Finished with a clear Zinc Nickel coating that will resist
rust and stay looking as new on all non-contact surfaces. Please note new disc is different
to photo below.

Complete with road specification brake pads offering excellent performance even from cold.
AP Racing calipers fitted with alloy pistons. Aluminium mounting bracket.

A brilliant entry level kit that offers excellent value for money including future service items
(brake pads and discs).

Although we supply uprated and coated brake discs as part of our kit, one advantage of the
V1_IRB is that brake discs are a standard LR Defender fitment, so relatively easily attainable
anywhere in the world. Brake pads are also a relatively common (but none Land Rover)

Full kit including everything required to fit to your Defender excluding brake fluid.