Defender MT82 HD Adaptor Shaft Kit | Puma MT82 Adaptor shaft Kit

£396.00 Excl. VAT


Defender MT82 HD Adaptor Shaft Kit

Defender Tdci 2.2 and 2.4 Heavy Duty 2 Piece Adaptor shaft

A very common problem on all Tdci MT82 Defenders is the failure of the shaft between the Gearbox and the transfer box.  Usually starting as a clunk on the take up of drive, the problem will get worse until drive is lost completely.

Our kit is UK designed and manufactured and is a direct replacement of the Land Rover MT82 gearbox adaptor shaft. But unlike the original there are no splines to wear. 

The new shaft uses the same main bolt (to attach to the gearbox)/same torque as per the original and thus ensures that the gearbox main shaft has the correct clamping force applied to it.

The full kit comes complete with the shaft (2 parts), gearbox to adaptor shaft bolt, OEM seals and our unique tool to hold the female part of the adaptor shaft in place whilst it is torqued correctly.

Full Kit £330 + vat

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